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Add-A-Charm Antique Silver Lucky Ladybug Charm (3D) with Jump Ring [1 piece] -- Perfect for Necklace or Bracelet 10001.R

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Add-A-Charm Antique Silver Ladybug Charm (3D) with Jump RIng

* Material: Zinc alloy -- lead, nickel & cadmium free
* Color: Antique silver color plated
* Color: 14mm x 9mm (1/2 inch x 3/8 inch)
* Quantity: You will receive one piece of the above pictured charm.
* Note: This charm comes with an 8mm jump ring attached.

"Charming" Ideas:
♥ Thread onto your shoe lace.
♥ Slip a few charms onto the ribbon of a gift.
♥ Use as wine glass markers.
♥ Start a charm bracelet for your baby at birth.
♥ Slip charms onto a safety pin and wear them over your heart.
♥ Slide a charm onto a cord and tie it around your wrist--creating an instant charm bracelet.
♥ Use it to embellish a favorite scrapbook page.
♥ Tie charms onto your Christmas tree as extra little gifts for surprise visitors.

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Symbolic Ladybug Meanings: *Luck *Love *Happiness *Friendship *Protection

In Christian symbolism, the ladybug is often associated with the Virgin Mary. This connection comes about from the ladybug's protection of plants (it's a natural voracious consumer of pests in the garden).

In Chinese symbolism, the ladybug is very auspicious and considered very good luck. Asian lore indicates if a ladybug lands on your clothing, your true love is sure to come to call. The number of spots on the ladybug is an indication of how many months will pass until you meet your true love.

The ladybug is also a common symbol of friendship because it is a natural helper in gardens, and works in harmony with nature (and gardeners).

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