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Our Story

Welcome to 'Baubles Of Fun' where our trinkets ♥ {your imagination} ♥ create happiness! Within our store are countless new finds that have somehow struck a cord with us. Some revive a nostalgic sensibility while others conjure a smile or evoke intrigue. It is our hope that you will revel in the whimsy and appreciate the extensive selection of baubles and trinkets that we have hand picked for you.

Our personal story:
We are Rick & Ronda (husband & wife of 32 years) who have found our passion in life--our little jewelry supply studio. After both becoming unemployed, we decided to take our fate into our own hands (literally) creating Scrabble tile pendants. The success that we had with our Scrabble pendants would eventually lead us down another path--our journey into the supply world.

Having been a purchasing buyer, it became my mission to secure the best possible sources for quality jewelry making supplies at reasonable prices. There was only one problem, the supplies needed to be purchased in large quantities. Hence, 'Baubles Of Fun' was born! It's been eight wonderful years that we've been selling our trinkets, and it's allowed us to meet so many wonderful people from around the globe. It has been a deeply gratifying and rewarding experience and we are constantly amazed by the talent and creativity that our customers possess. It's strange how some of life's greatest challenges ultimately provide life's greatest rewards.

Our mission:
We want our customers to know how grateful we are that they have chosen us as their jewelry findings supplier. We strive to provide excellent customer service along with quality findings at reasonable prices. We hope that our baubles spark your imagination and create happiness for you as well as beautiful memories for the recipients of your creations.

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